There are many options for treatment when you’re struggling with depression, but you must find the one that works for you. They might all be good programs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the right choice for your specific needs. Instead of just choosing the one that’s closest to you or the first one you can find, consider a depression treatment program as an investment in yourself and your future. You want the best you can get for your particular needs and situation. At Fort Behavioral Health, we can help you find the right treatment program so you can get control of your depression instead of letting it control you.

Fortunately, we provide a dual diagnosis treatment program, so you can get treatment for depression and substance abuse at the same time. There’s no reason to battle depression any longer when help is available to you today. Contact Fort Behavioral Health at 844.332.1807 to learn more.

Signs You Need a Depression Treatment Program

man begins depression treatment program at dual diagnosis treatment centerEveryone feels sad or unhappy from time to time. However, if these feelings are lasting for over two weeks, it may be time for you need to reach out for professional help. The signs that you’re battling with depression include:

  • Persistent feelings of anxiety or sadness
  • Feeling hopeless or pessimistic about life
  • Struggling with feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Loss of pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed
  • Feeling restless or irritable
  • Experiencing significant changes in sleep patterns
  • Eating significantly more or less than usual
  • Consistently feeling tired
  • Being unable to concentrate
  • Struggling with suicidal thoughts or actions

Seeing several of these signs at once may mean that you can benefit from a mental health treatment program. Additionally, if you are battling depression and addiction, a dual diagnosis treatment program can help you overcome both conditions.

Reach Out to Caring Professionals

It’s not always easy to reach out and say that you need help with mental health issues. But at our depression treatment program in Fort Worth, Texas, you have the chance to work with caring professionals who understand that mental health issues aren’t your fault. Problems with mental health are legitimate medical concerns, just like issues with your physical health, and it’s important to take them seriously. Here, you can get the kind of support you need to work through your depression and get back to a life that feels hopeful and joyful again. You don’t have to settle for less than that when there are people to help you succeed.

A Depression Treatment Program You Can Count On

With our depression treatment program in Fort Worth, Texas, you can get the kind of treatment and support you really need to be successful at moving forward and conquering depression. You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to do that because we have treatment options for you to consider. Since everyone is different, we provide several options that could work for you — and we’ll help you find the one that’s best, so you can get on the road to recovery from mental health issues. Then you can get back to the life you want to live and the bright future you deserve. Some of the options we offer for help include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy

Getting proper support is crucial when you’re battling depression and when you want to make sure you can win the battle for the long term. With our depression treatment program and all the opportunities it provides for you, you can get started today. Please don’t put it off any longer when help is available to you now.

Benefits of a Depression Treatment Program

Once you immerse yourself in the depression treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health, you begin to experience the benefits almost immediately. Some of the many benefits of this program include:

  • A support system of peers also in treatment
  • A safe environment where you can share openly and honestly
  • A team of caring and knowledgeable professionals
  • A wide array of programs and services
  • A range of therapy options

Our Fort Behavioral Health team is ready to help you heal from depression with dual diagnosis treatment. This type of treatment helps you understand the connection between mental health and addiction.

Get the Support You Need at Fort Behavioral Health

There’s no reason to let depression stand in the way of all the things you want to do. You can break free with our depression treatment program, so you can focus on a future that’s important to you. Additionally, with the help of dual diagnosis treatment, we can give you treatment for both addiction and mental health conditions. Contact us today at 844.332.1807, and let’s get started on the path that will lead you to a great and lasting recovery. You deserve to have a good, happy future that’s not controlled by depression any longer.