a group in an intensive outpatient programIf you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may know you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment. You are just unsure how to make that happen because you have responsibilities at home. You don’t know that you can step away. An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, may be one option for you. It is an addiction therapy that allows many people to maintain their life and health while focusing on recovering from their addiction. At Fort Behavioral Health, it is one tool we can offer you.

We provide comprehensive addiction treatment programs in Texas to help people struggling to stop drinking or using drugs. Our intensive outpatient program provides some of the flexibility you need to stay on top of your responsibilities. It also allows you to focus on your recovery from addiction and explore new coping mechanisms for stressors in your life. You don’t have to keep letting addiction run your life. Our team can help you learn the skills you need to become and stay sober for life. If you’re ready to build a better tomorrow, contact us online or call 844.332.1807 to learn more about our programs.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program is designed to help many people. It can help with most types of addictions and mental health disorders. In this type of care, you do not go through detox. Generally, you do not need care provided around the clock. If drug and alcohol detox or residential treatment is more suited for your history of addiction, an IOP is not likely to help you.

Those who are in intensive outpatient program care will live at home. They will come in to see the team for care throughout the day and go home at night. In some situations, individuals receiving residential treatment may transition to IOP as they improve.

What Happens in IOP Care?

This is still intense therapy that requires a lot of your time and a great deal of effort to make work. If you have a safe home environment and are committed to change, it may work for you. The amount of time you spend working through IOP depends on the severity of your addiction. Sometimes, this can amount to 10 to 12 hours of care.

You will participate in a wide range of care while receiving treatment through an intensive outpatient program. This will include visiting the substance abuse treatment program three to five times a week. You may spend less time in the program as your needs change.

During your intensive outpatient program, you may work on:

  • Skill development – In this type of care, you will work on skills that can help you deal with addiction. This may include learning how to cope with triggers, stress, and anxiety. You will also work on building a support system and identifying your personal goals.
  • Educational group programs – These groups help you to understand more about addiction and how it affects your life. They also provide information on how to stay sober after treatment.
  • Problem-solving and stress-reduction skills – These skills can help you to deal with the challenges in your life. They will also help you to identify healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Refusal training and role-playing – You will learn how to say no to drugs or alcohol. You will also practice these skills in a safe environment.
  • Relapse prevention programs – These programs help you to identify your triggers. They also provide information on how to avoid a relapse. Individual sessions will help you work through the challenges in your life. You will also work on developing a plan for your life after treatment.

Comprehensive Therapy Designed to Support Your Best Outcome

In addition to these support sessions, our intensive outpatient program in Texas will also incorporate care that supports your health. Each therapy selected is based on the specific circumstances of your situation. You will learn about your addiction and how to overcome high-risk situations. This may include therapies such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • 12 step programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

A significant component of your care with us is providing you with exceptional tools and resources. You will learn how to minimize the risk of relapse. You will also learn how to avoid high-risk situations.

Is IOP Right for You?

Knowing whether an intensive outpatient program is right for your needs can be challenging. In some situations, you may be unsure if this is enough therapy. We encourage you to work with our therapists and counselors to gain better insight into the type of care best for your situation. You may benefit from IOP in Texas if you have a stable home environment and people to support you. You may also benefit if you are truly committed to no longer using drugs and alcohol. It’s a big decision, but it can lead to exceptional outcomes.

Start Healing at Fort Behavioral Health Today

Is an intensive outpatient program the right choice for you? You know the value of IOP, but you may not realize how close you are to overcoming your addiction. At Fort Behavioral Health, we can provide comprehensive care through our IOP in Texas. To learn more about how to get started, call 844.332.1807 or contact us online today.