adolescent clients excited for evergreen path scheduleEvergreen Path is a residential program, for adolescents ages 14-17 seeking treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. The program also takes those with primary mental health disorders.

Clients coming to Evergreen Path for treatment will enter our program at the residential level of care. They must have safely detoxed from drugs and alcohol before arriving for treatment. A member of our medical team will be present during the admissions process to ensure the health and safety of each adolescent client.

We are a small, 28-bed residential program. This allows our clinical team to provide personalized care that is tailored to your child’s specific needs. We are here not only to help your adolescent child but to help parents and family, as well. Our program is 30-45 days in length. The Texas Evergreen Path schedule includes care for both body and mind. Our clinical team will also provide outbound referrals for continuing care after your child discharges from Evergreen Path.

More About the Texas Evergreen Path Schedule

We utilize a level system to provide positive reinforcement and structure during treatment. 

Level I:

Because newly admitted clients are still settling into the group and learning our program rules, we do not allow phone access. With clinical approval, these clients can make phone calls in the presence of the primary therapist. This initial phase allows us to get to know each client without outside distractions.

Level II:

Clients move to Level II when they begin to engage in both group and individual sessions. During this time, they should also be making progress in their treatment plan and consistently compliant with program rules and guidelines. Unsupervised access to the community phone and a desktop computer is allowed from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. as long as this does not interfere with scheduled programming.

Level III:

Clients attain this level when they have shown respect for others and model good behavior for their peers. They consistently help one another and contribute to the overall health of the milieu. We grant off-site passes to Level III clients only.

Clients currently enrolled in school at the time of their admission can continue their studies during their treatment stay. This often provides the opportunity for students to catch up on missed work, as well as improve their grade point average. Our on-staff educational liaison will coordinate with your child’s school to ensure that they can stay on track while in treatment at Evergreen Path.

Texas Evergreen Path Schedule

Each day starts with breakfast, gym time, morning meditation, and goal setting. Our staff knows the importance of healing in both body and mind, so we make healthy habits a priority. Next, your child will participate in their first group sessions of the day. These sessions might target emotional regulation, social skills, or family ties. After snack time, the next groups involve relapse prevention, continued recovery, and individual therapy. During the rest of the afternoon, our clients have lunch, do school work, and participate in gym time, yoga, and life skills groups. In the evening, your child has time to complete individual work from their therapists and participate in a community activity before lights out.

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We designed our Evergreen Path program specifically for the treatment needs of our teenage clients. The Texas Evergreen Path schedule takes into account both the brain and body as they relate to trauma and addiction. We treat both mental health and substance abuse issues because we know that your child is more than their addiction. And since we facilitate 3-5 groups per day compared to the 2-3 groups at most adolescent treatment programs, you can be confident that your child is getting the highest quality of care.

Reach out to our staff today to find out more about our program. Contact Fort Behavioral Health or call us at 844.332.1807 when you’re ready to make a change in your child’s life.

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