Our Fort

/Fort Behavioral Health is named for the great city we call home – Fort Worth, Texas! With a location that is convenient to DFW International Airport, Dallas Love Field, and easily accessible by car, Fort looks forward to providing residential treatment services for clients, both near and far!

A team of architects, interior designers, and construction engineers worked hard to transform our 100,000 square feet of space into a unique setting for 5 separate programs. This spacious facility includes both men’s and women’s rooms. Our design is contemporary, our location is urban, and our atmosphere is healing.

exterior shot of fort behavioral health

Private Rooms

/Our men’s and women’s residential addiction treatment programs, as well as our detox, offer individual private rooms. An example of the men’s and women’s private rooms is pictured here. Each room features a queen-size bed, a private bathroom, and more importantly privacy to reflect, heal, and rest.

interior shot of bedroom at fort behavioral health

Community Areas & Business Centers

/We have carefully created two community spaces for each program, separated into men’s and women’s areas. One for clients who prefer active participation and interaction with others, and another for those requiring a quieter space for reflection, journal writing, or reading. Between the two areas is a kitchenette complete with a refrigerator and microwave. Our kitchen team provides healthy snacks throughout the day for our clients to enjoy between meals.

We understand that there may be business matters that can’t wait until after treatment is completed. For this reason, access to our business center is available, with clinical approval, to handle such matters.

photo of waiting room at fort behavioral health

Full-Size Gymnasium

/Of all of the amenities that Fort has to offer, our full court gymnasium is one of the best! Time for daily recreational exercise for both men and women is built into our program schedule. When exercising, the body releases endorphins, which create positive feelings and contribute to overall wellness. Yoga, meditation, and other group exercise take place in a quiet, temperature-controlled exercise room.

basketball court at fort behavioral health

Exercise Rooms

/We have created the perfect room for quiet exercise and mindful meditation. Situated adjacent to the gymnasium, away from outside distraction, is our temperature-controlled exercise space with adjustable lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for mind/body connection for both men and women enrolled in our program.

fitness center at fort behavioral health

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