/Help your loved one build life skills and independence for a healthy, happy life through Camp Worth in Fort Worth, Texas.

At Camp Worth, your adolescent can focus on improving communication and life skills away from daily stresses. For adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, a residential treatment center can provide both targeted, individualized therapy and 24/7 care.

What to Bring

About Camp Worth

Many adolescents on the autism spectrum struggle with communication. However, the specialized programs at Camp Worth can break through these barriers.
What is it about Camp Worth that sets it apart? First, Camp Worth is a home away from home. If your child has been exhibiting negative behaviors and is frustrated with the tasks of daily life, residential treatment can help. Adolescents ages 11-17 will find both a caring environment and experienced staff. Not only can our ASD treatment center help your adolescent, but we can educate your family on how to reinforce positive behaviors at home as well. We want your child to live their best life, and that starts with the skills they need for every day.

At Camp Worth, we offer the following autism spectrum disorder treatment programs:

  • Residential adolescent boy’s autism treatment center
  • Residential adolescent girl’s autism treatment center
  • Early intervention
  • Targeted intervention

Our autism spectrum disorder treatment center in Texas is a full-service program with access to medical staff and counseling. Since early intervention is key for long-term positive outcomes, the ability to narrow down diagnoses in a high-level care program is helpful. Once we have a diagnosis, we can create a personalized treatment program.

Our Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Programs

Camp Worth helps adolescents across the autism spectrum and wherever they are in their treatment, from those who have just been diagnosed to those who have exhausted other treatment options.

A combination of treatment programs teaches our loved ones different ways to communicate, life skills to function independently, and ways to process emotions. By learning these skills, your adolescent will be prepared for more independence after arriving home. Some of the therapies and programs we offer include the following:

  • Education program – If traditional school is stressful for your child, we can help them stay on track with their education while at Camp Worth. Brazos River Charter School employs innovative and comprehensive learning techniques to provide students with an individualized, focus-based education
  • Autism parent training program – Learn how to reinforce positive behaviors and create the right home environment for your child. We have one family session per week
  • Food and nutrition program – Children with autism are often picky eaters, but we can teach them coping skills and strategies for mealtime
  • Speech therapy programs – Improved verbal and nonverbal communication is possible through targeted therapy
  • Recreational therapy – Outings and exercise to help your adolescent learn social skills
  • Medication management – Some medications can help manage the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, such as self-injury or aggression

While your adolescent is at Camp Worth, our professionals will continually assess and evaluate their progress. We’ll continue to adjust treatment plans so they are just right for your child.

Find Out What’s Best About Camp Worth

At our autism spectrum disorder treatment center in Fort Worth, Texas, our experienced, certified staff can help your adolescent learn the skills they need. We know the importance of independence and strong communication skills. Through evidence-backed treatments and therapies, we can set your child up for success in life. Contact Fort Behavioral Health online or call 844.332.1807 to learn more about how we can help your child.

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