Overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol is no small feat. Because substance abuse causes the brain to become dependent on the substance, help is needed on the path to recovery. When the time comes to seek treatment for addiction, detox is the first step towards recovery. Fort Behavioral Health’s drug and alcohol detox program in Texas provides a medically supervised detox with 24/7 clinical care. By safely managing withdrawal symptoms, our program sets patients towards recovery.man considers drug and alcohol detox in Texas

The cycle of addiction is hard to break, especially alone. Substance abuse leads to tolerance, which in turn leads to dependence and addiction. Addiction leads to changes in the brain which can cause uncontrollable urges. Because of this, those abusing substances might have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships or employment. In fact, by this stage, people may not be able to overcome their addiction without the support of a comprehensive detox program, such as the ones offered at Fort Behavioral Health. If you or someone you care about may benefit from a drug or alcohol detox program, reach out to our Fort Behavioral Health team today by calling 844.332.1807 or filling out our online form.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Detoxification, the removal of toxins from the body, is an early step for someone hoping to overcome addiction. However, detox is often accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. Because your brain relies on the substance, these could include painful physical symptoms or psychological discomfort such as depression.

In an alcohol detox program, you receive specialized care for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, including physical discomfort, anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. Withdrawal from alcohol can also cause more severe symptoms, including hallucinations and seizures brought on by delirium tremens, a severe condition that requires immediate intervention. Because these symptoms can be life-threatening, reaching out for help from a detox center is of vital importance.

Opioid and heroin detox programs might also be aided by medication. These substances cause withdrawal symptoms that are not life-threatening but are incredibly uncomfortable, and those attempting to detox on their own can potentially relapse. A detox center can help you get past these barriers so you can start on the path to recovery.

Every person is unique, and so are their exact needs during their detox. If you’ve experienced withdrawal, you know that peace and quiet during the process are essential. Fort Behavioral Health’s professionally managed detox is the right choice.

Though detox can be a chaotic time, it’s a crucial step on the road to recovery. Every substance will have different withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, an experienced staff is vital to successfully detoxing.

Why Choose Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

The cycle of addiction is hard to break. Drug and alcohol detox with medical supervision helps safely manage withdrawal symptoms. Every journey out of addiction is different. Our team of experienced, professional clinical medical nurses ensures that you are as comfortable as possible during your unique detox experience.

Detox can also be a challenge because of the likelihood of relapse. This occurs when someone stops using an addictive substance, then starts using again because the withdrawal symptoms are too much to manage. But a comprehensive detox program can reduce your risk of relapse and prepare you for a rehab program.

During detox, you can also begin addiction therapy programs that help you uncover any underlying issues that played a part in your addiction. At Fort Behavioral Health, our treatment programs are designed around your individual needs, so you receive the support you need. A combination of individual, group, and family therapy helps you examine your issues in a variety of settings. Additionally, we offer:

  • Men’s detox programs
  • Women’s detox programs

Gender-specific treatment allows you to focus on treatment, avoid distractions, and find peer support through open sharing and communication. If you’re ready to get help for your addiction, Fort Behavioral Health is ready for you. You don’t need to live in the cycle of addiction anymore.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs at Fort Behavioral Health

The key to genuine, long-lasting recovery for most people is through substance abuse treatment programs after the detox process. At Fort Behavioral Health, our team proudly provides a wide range of substance abuse treatment programs so that people in our care can find the program or programs that fit their recovery needs.

Some of the substance abuse treatment programs at
Fort Behavioral Health include:

Mens’ rehab program – Some men may feel uncomfortable in a mixed-gender rehab program. They may believe in the outdated and untrue stereotype that men must be stoic and keep their emotions bottled up. Our mens’ rehab program gives men an environment with other men in similar situations, encouraging them to share more openly and honestly with others.

Womens’ rehab program – Women face pressures in our society that men do not. This concept extends into substance abuse treatment as well. As a result, our women-only rehab program gives women the opportunity to progress through treatment with peers who understand the unique pressures that women face.

Residential treatment program – Fort Behavioral Health’s residential treatment program provides round-the-clock care for people who may need a more extensive level of treatment.

Intensive outpatient program – Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a less intense level of care than our residential treatment program. Those enrolled in our IOP will attend programs and sessions during the day and return home at night.

Drug addiction treatment program – A drug addiction treatment program is perfect for those who are abusing substances such as prescription drugs. Our team of experts has designed a treatment program specifically designed for those who have a drug addiction.

Heroin addiction treatment program – Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available to the public today. That’s why our Fort Behavioral Health team provides a comprehensive heroin addiction treatment program.

Opioid addiction treatment program – Many people develop an opioid addiction after becoming addicted to medication while having a legal prescription. Once the prescription runs out, some turn to other opioids to cope. Our opioid addiction treatment program provides support for people in this situation.

Cocaine addiction treatment program – When cocaine addiction gets out of control, it’s often necessary to enroll in a treatment program under the supervision of professionals. That’s why our Fort Behavioral Health team provides a cocaine addiction treatment program.

Veterans treatment program – Veterans put their lives on the line every day to protect our country. Some veterans may need support and care for post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and mental health disorders. At Fort Behavioral Health, our team is proud to provide a veterans treatment program so that these heroes can get the help they need and deserve.

Begin Recovery with Drug and Alcohol Detox at Fort Behavioral Health

Conquering substance abuse is possible at Fort Behavioral Health. At our on-site drug and alcohol detox in Texas, we have clinical medical nurses available around the clock to monitor and care for those working to overcome addiction. From initial drug and alcohol detox to our recovery programs, every step of your journey to sobriety is carefully considered and planned. Upon arrival, our experienced staff completes a comprehensive assessment. This covers your physical and psychological health, substance abuse history, dietary needs, and even your social well-being. We even offer counseling during your stay. Our personalized treatment plans can help you make the changes you need in your life.

Take the first step towards sobriety at Fort Behavioral Health. If you’re ready to conquer addiction, our safe, comfortable detox program can lead to meaningful recovery. Find yourself at Fort. Our staff is ready to talk at 844.332.1807, or you can contact Fort Behavioral Health online.