teen showing teen prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens

Could your teen have a problem with drug use? Are they taking prescription medications outside of doctor recommendations? If that’s the case, they could face numerous health challenges over their lifetime. It’s critical to get help for teen prescription drug abuse, and Fort Behavioral Health can provide it. To learn more about the treatment options…

people at a residential treatment center in rehab

How to Find the Best Residential Treatment Center for Your Needs

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction may require an environment that offers an intensive focus on healing. A residential treatment center can give you that atmosphere. However, you should find one that meets your needs while offering a high quality of care. If you are looking for a treatment facility to help your addiction, contact…

group at a gender-specific treatment program

How Can Gender-Specific Treatment Help You?

People don’t become addicted to substances for the same reasons. Men and women, especially use substances differently and have different triggers. Therefore, getting gender-specific treatment for substance use can provide you with a more carefully tailored program to your needs as a man or woman. To determine whether gender-specific programs can help you to achieve…

man who needs polysubstance abuse treatment

Do You Need Polysubstance Abuse Treatment?

Polysubstance abuse treatment addresses the complexities of addiction to alcohol and drugs or several types of drugs. However, deciding whether you need treatment for one or multiple substances of abuse follows the same criteria. Though the recovery process may differ slightly, the benefits offered from getting treatment for addiction to one or multiple substances are…