• woman holding knees sitting on the carpet wide eyed with fear
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    Is Fear Healthy?

    Fear is the emotion that tells us that we are […]

  • smiling teenage boy
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    5 Major Reasons for Teen and Youth Relapse

    According to a research study published by the National Center […]

  • man suffering from grief and addiction
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    Grief and Addiction

    Grief is the emotional reaction to a traumatic event, specifically […]

  • person reading to help with recovery
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    How Reading Can Help with Recovery

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, […]

  • mans blue eye shortly after he has taken hallucinogens
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    Hallucinogens are a group of drugs that affect one’s consciousness […]

  • sponsor pats sponsee on the back
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    How to Experience More Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

    Research has found that gratitude has many wide-ranging benefits. These […]

  • circle of people in group therapy
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    6 Reasons Group Therapy is Central to Addiction Treatment

    People are often wary of group therapy at first. The […]

  • woman putting folded hands in front of smile because shes excited
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    How Gratitude Can Strengthen Addiction Recovery

    When you’re recovering from addiction, your attitude matters a lot. […]

  • man and therapist discuss addiction recovery
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    Why You Shouldn’t Expect Too Much Too Soon in Addiction Recovery

    Life definitely improves when you’re sober, but it doesn’t happen […]

  • woman sharing addiction history at group therapy
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    When Should You Share Your Addiction History?

    Whether or not to share your addiction history can be […]

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    When is College Drinking Something to Worry About?

    Alcohol has long been a fixture on college campuses. For […]

  • despairing man sits on stone steps after a relapse
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    What Should You Do After a Relapse?

    Relapse is common in addiction recovery. According to the National […]