doctor testing man for alcoholism and heart disease

Alcoholism and Heart Disease

Most adults understand that alcohol addiction can be deadly. So many of us have either experienced the ravages of alcoholism first hand or on people we love. Alcoholism hurts people in a myriad of ways. It destroys relationships. It causes vast economic damage through the loss of jobs or missed work. Beyond this, alcoholism ruins…

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Seeking help with addiction and mental illness is hard. It requires strength and humility and courage. It requires a willingness to fight. Unfortunately, it also requires a willingness to experience various indignities and push through them. Addiction and mental illness are, for a variety of reasons, quiet ailments unless you are living them personally. They…

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Addiction: Systematic Isolation

Human beings are social creatures, in order to maintain our mental and physical health, we need to interact with people whom we share interests. We need close friendships and healthy relationships and need to experience love, both romantic and familial. Some surveys indicate that 75 percent of adults in America struggle with loneliness. Long term…