man writing about brain size and drinking behaviors

Does Brain Size Predict Drinking Behaviors, or Do Drinking Behaviors Impact Brain Size?

Alcohol use research previously suggested that drinking behaviors were associated with reductions in brain volume, therefore proposing that drinking itself shrinks the brain. However, new research found that the opposite may be true: smaller brain size may create a genetic tendency for increased alcohol consumption. The Research Researchers utilized data from multiple studies to confirm…

cohabitation has driven this couple to drink the same amount

Does Cohabitation Influence Drinking Habits Among Partners?

A recent study on The Influence of Alcohol Consumption Among Partners in Newly Cohabiting Relationships hoped to reveal if a cohabiting partner’s alcohol consumption habits influence their partner’s consumption habits and vice versa. The Study The researchers analyzed survey data from over 1,400 heterosexual couples living together between 2001 and 2016. Findings suggest that living…

teen in headphones worries about second hand drinking

Second-Hand Drinking: The Risks and Dangers Teens Face When Drinking

Second-hand drinking describes the negative impacts of an individual’s drinking on others. Drinking alcohol has an effect on the brain, therefore, influencing behavior. Negative behaviors or behavior patterns that occur as a result of drinking can be harmful to others, causing emotional and/or physical trauma. An example of second-hand drinking includes sexual harassment and/or assault.…

people taking notes during group therapy in addiction treatment

Why Dropping out of Treatment Is so Prevalent and What We Can Do About It

A recent study researching drop-out rates of substance abuse treatment programs found that almost one-third of all participants drop-out and, therefore, do not complete their treatment. Researchers discovered this trend after analyzing an extensive amount of data from 151 different studies on SUD treatment facilities between the years of 1965 and 2016. Dropping out of…