two women who are friends getting drunk without stigma


Stigma comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s clear. A co-worker or family member might tell us to “just get over it.” Or a supervisor might question a sick day taken for mental health or recovery purposes. These actions judge our motives and abilities, defining us as weaker or less worthy. What’s harder is the smaller…

woman sitting alone on a swingset looking out at sunset on the ocean


In the United States, self-sufficiency and individualism are the pinnacles of achievement. They are the cornerstones of our society. Often, we hear people described as “self-made” with a certain amount of awe. We are taught, in school and in society, that people who “pull themselves up by the boot-straps” are to be lionized. This can…

despairing man struggles with his trauma


Have you experienced something that left you wondering about your place in the world? Do you have memories of something that makes you ask how you survived? Did you live through something you just can’t cope with? This is trauma and it can take over your life, resulting in addiction and mental illness, complicating an…